DIMENSIONS : 20" x 24"

PAPER : 280 gsm Gray Rives BFK 

TECHNIQUE : 1 color Relief Print

SIGNATURE : Signed with Certificate of Authenticity

YEAR : 2021

Ships rolled in a 5" tube


Cross Current is a relief print by painter and printmaker Lena Gustafson. Whose patterning and repetition in her work is uniquely suited to the medium. The recurring themes of figures, plants and water being rendered in such a way that they seem to blend together are well served by the nature of block printing. The figure here has few definable borders and is blended and merged with the movement happening all around it.

Cross Current by Lena Gustafson

  • Lena Gustafson graduated from the Art Institute of Boston with a BA in Illustration and Art Therapy in 2011. She founded Night Diver Press together with her partner Peter Calderwood, utilizing silkscreen and other alternative printing techniques to create prints, books, zines, and monotypes. Informed by her experience preparing images for screen-prints, Gustafson’s paintings depict scenes of transformation often with figures or plants merging with their environment. Recurring themes in her work include body memory, repression, sequential evolution, and reciprocity.