DIMENSIONS : 16" x 20"

PAPER : Jet Black Suede Mat Board

TECHNIQUE : 4 color Screenprint 

SIGNATURE : Signed with Certificate of Authenticity

YEAR : 2022

Ships flat

"Lunar Landing" Chinwe Okona

  • Chinwe Okona is a multidisciplinary artist. Her work investigates the palpability of sentiment, nostalgia, and forgiveness, and centers past and present ephemera in an effort to map memory. She resides in Los Angeles, California and spends time remembering.
    website: chinweokona.com
    instagram: @chinweokona

  • Making reference to historic media and culture of the late sixties, this piece asks, "What does the promise of modernity and progress leave behind? To whom does this promise seem as lofty as the moon?" In the wake of 'unprecedented times' fueled by media sensationalism, Lunar Landing draws a parallel between the tension of an unrealized black past, present, and future, and the promise of a whiter tomorrow.