DIMENSIONS : 10" X 24"
PAPER : 250 gsm BFK Rives
TECHNIQUE : 12 Color Screen Print
SIGNATURE : Signed with Certificate of Authenticity
YEAR : 2021

Ships rolled in a 5" tube

"2350 B.C.E" by Cinque Mubarak

  • Cinque Mubarak Is a Creative Director, Photographer and Designer born and raised in Oakland CA.
    As a Creative Director he has designed layouts, created unique landscapes for album art and created images that leave lasting impressions on viewers of many backgrounds.
    Cinque Mubarak began his Photography journey in 2015 with street photography.  A year later after developing an insatiable appetite for street Photography, Cinque  found his way to his first film camera, a Cannon Ae1 Program, the camera that he still uses to this day.  Although street photography has remained his first love, he has since expanded into surrealism as a staple in his art today.. 

    Having  worked with notable clients such as Brainfeeder, Juxtapoz Magazine and more. Cinque strives to collaborate with artists and clients to create unique perspectives that inspire the world.

    Website: cinque-mubarak.com

    Instagram: @qlick22

  • This series is an exploration of many conflicting thoughts and emotions regarding power, the infinite, and creation. As humans we tend to marvel at our own monuments, institutions, systems, etc leaving the majority feeling small as if they are less than the so called elite. From  product branding to the white house its all about power. We create cenotaphs and empires to feel like gods among men trying to equate to the infinite. Truth be told we are fragile and hardly superior to any entity or organism. I believe its just an illusion of power.

    I just want people to feel empowered by their lack of power.