Print Resource was a month-long fundraiser organized by Black cultural workers in partnership with Black artists across the country. We sold limited edition 12" x 18" gliée prints that were available on a $100-$300 USD sliding scale. On August 10th we completed our Print Resource fundraiser. Between the print sale, additional donations, and a small donation from Sun Night Editions we raised $23,231.18 to be split between Black LGBTQIA+ Migrant Project at the Transgender Law Center and People’s Breakfast Oakland. Please visit these projects' sites to learn more about their invaluable work and their dedication to Black liberation through community-led organizing. 

Participating artists included: American Artist, Elliott Jerome Brown Jr, Aria Dean, Nikita Gale, John Martin, Frida Orupabo, FUPU, William Scott, Sable Elyse Smith, Kandis Williams

This initiative is inspired by many amazing arts organizers, but most especially the incredible work of curator Meg Onli and Art for Philadelphia. We also want to send much gratitude to Creative Growth, a pillar of the Bay Area arts community, and extend many thanks to the participating artists for their generous submissions to this initiative and for their sustained work in furthering the conversation around Black creative production.


A limited number of prints are available until August 10th. 

Print Resource is organized by Hanna Girma, Salome Asega, and Sun Night Editions. Thank you Isha Dipika Walia for your graphic design support.